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My name is Núria and I am the creative director, the designer, the seamstress, accountant, the deliverywoman, the cleaning lady... basically, the soul of NUMON.

I have always liked vintage objects, objects with a previous life. That is why I love walking round flea markets in search of forgotten treasures. After graduating in Fashion Design and realising that I was very interested in recycling and reusing materials, I decided to set up my personal project called Bags with History.

In 2009 I met my partner Ramon, who used to make wallets from vintage comics as a hobby. From then on, he has helped me to develop with enthusiasm and effort this small brand of recycled and vegan accessories called NUMON (Núria + Ramon).

At present Ramon runs his own industrial design company. If it was not for him, NUMON would not exist. Without his ideas, patience and experience I would not have got this far. That is why, although I pursue this adventure on my own, when I speak of NUMON I do it in the plural.

And what do we do in NUMON? We reuse all kinds of household textiles such as bedcovers, tablecloths, curtains, sheets, upholstery... in order to create unique and useful bags and accessories for everyday use.

The fact that we reuse old materials means we have a constant and diverse output. It depends a lot on whether the bedcover is single or double, or the window is tall or low, the sofa has two or more seats, the tablecloth is round or square... This means that every model is a limited edition, with a production run of one or just a few units. So our bags and accessories make their wearers feel unique and different.

In short, in NUMON we give a new life to old and forgotten materials in order to create unique and functional accessories that follow fashion and trend. At the same time we aim to motivate and raise awareness among our clients, by promoting responsible use and respectful behaviour towards the environment.

numon working area


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